A book of Poems, Prayers and Meditations

By: Diane Patterson Onuntuei


"Diane Patterson Onuntuei writes poetry out of a rich personal communion with Jesus Christ her Lord. You will feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit on her writing as you read and will be enriched yourself by the inspired words. I encourage you to make God’s Poetic Touch daily reference material for your devotions with God." 

Pastor William T. Ligon Sr. Christian Renewal Church

"Dear Diane, Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful collection of poems. Thank you also for sharing one of your poems last Sunday morning in church. Not only was the poem very poignant but your presentation was also anointed of God. Thank you for being faithful to write as the Holy Spirit gives you His message for His people in these days. The poems certainly answer the heart cry of God’s people and give instruction in a way that is practical for life application. May the Lord open many doors of opportunity for your book to be placed in the hands of His people. Blessings," Gail Owens

“Thank you for visiting our Church this past Sunday, and for sharing of your time and magnificent poetry with us. You are a Wonderful Speaker. . . . I purchased one of your books “God’s Poetic Touch” and have Thoroughly Been Blessed reading it. A few of my Favorites are: “I Know,” “So Free,” “Flesh vs. Spirit,” and “A Very Present Help.” Thank you for using the gifts God has given you.” Theresa Fitzpatrick

"Your poems are amazing!!!...I have been blessed by so many of them...I especially LOVE God heal, Healing in the air, Blood stained Hands & Ask, Seek, Find!...I'm so inspired by and now make these a part of my daily meditation. Thank you thank you so much for sharing your annointed gift w/me." Marcella

“Read your book: It was so inspiring, touching, insightful, so motivating and above all, quite enjoyable. You are just a rare gift to the entire world.” Mfon Esin, Nigeria

Diane Patterson Onuntuei, Author: God's Poetic Touch

Do you need God to touch a certain area of your life? Do you know a friend who can use a spiritual boost? Maybe you are a young parent who needs guidance and encouragement. Perhaps you want to pay tribute to your pastor or minister, or have a friend who needs a healing touch. In God’s Poetic Touch, you will encounter over 120 God inspired nourishing poems plus prayers and meditations. These poems deliver delightful and powerful messages in an abbreviated rhythmic form.

Sometimes we just need a little spiritual nudge to help us get through a challenging day. I have experienced many of those days while trying to juggle raising three children, working full-time, being a good wife, handling church duties and a business as well as other responsibilities. Due to this demanding lifestyle, I needed special strengths derived from God inspired therapeutic poetry to help me successfully overcome the trials of everyday life.

The poems contained in God’s Poetic Touch are not just poems; they are enlightened writings which have pleasant tempos that are easy to be entreated. As you read them they usher in a spirit of comfort, faith and deliverance in a powerful forum. These poems touch the soul.

I encourage you to read the entire book to familiarize yourself with all of the poems. However, when you have a challenging concern or issue you can use the handy subject index to help you find prose to lift your spirit and restore peace and calm to the situation that you are facing. The accompanying scriptures that are associated with the poems are insightful for they are: “. . .life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh."

(Prov. 4:22)